Welcome to The Fusion Cell

As many of you may or may not know I am once again a free agent in the wonderful world of conflict journalism.

I have started this blog to discuss what is happening around the world that in most cases doesn’t have anything to do directly with the current U.S. president, pornstars, and what amazing tweet he decided to send out.

For those that don’t know me I am a veteran of the U.S. military and since 2012 have been tracking, analyzing, and reporting on global conflict and the U.S. Global War on Terror, namely within Africa.

So what is a fusion cell?

Simply put;

“Fusion cell analysis is a time-tested, effective method to collect, analyze, and collaborate information from numerous sources to develop a thorough and complete threat.”


And that is what myself and a few fellow friends want to bring to you. This blog will attempt to paint for its readership what we called in the U.S. Army Special Forces, or Green Berets, a “big to little” picture of what is currently happening globally that has and will affect the world.

My personal focus has always been on Africa and North African-Middle East conflict. Why, because Africa matters, and like it or not, has been and will overtly become the new battlefront of the Global War on Terror.

This blog and its layout and content will be in constant flux and improvement. Whatever this blog lacks in aesthetics will be made up for in content.

So strap in and get ready to jump into the unknown with The Fusion Cell.



(My back catalog of previous work can be found here with the news site, SOFREP.)